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This course will give you...

  • ... better skills for better treatment planning.

  • ... the confidence you need to provide a faster and more accurate assessment to quickly reveal your indications for treatment.

  • ... more meaningful interactions with patients.

  • ... an understanding of how to better implement the biopsychosocial model in the context of providing massage therapy.

  • ... better charting skills to reflect this new clinical paradigm.

  • ... perspective on some of the stumbling blocks in thinking that may get in the way of engaging with new evidence, and other health care professionals.

Course Info

What's it all about?

Unofficially, I wanted to call this course "Pain Science, so What?"

This is not another pain science course.  

Over the last decade, a lot of us have taken an interest in evidence-based practice, pain science, and a biopsychosocial (BPS) approach to treatment…  

…but we’re still walking away from courses confused about how this should change our practice on Monday morning!  

If you want to skip to the part where we focus on what is useful, this course might be for you.

This is a course that will fit your practice whether you’re a Cranio/Visceral practitioner, or more of a structurally based therapist. It offers a flexible framework to fit anyone’s practice! 

After all, we are more similar than different.

Ready to Make Assessment Easy?


  • What's the course format, and how long is it?

    The course is presented in video format, very much like a movie (no talking head!). The viewing time is just over 4 hours (4:06:11 running time).

  • What if I need to take a break?

    Pause, rewind, take a break, or watch it more than once! With this online format, the freedom is yours to learn at your own speed.

  • I've watched the course and still have questions. Can anyone help me?

    Absolutely! The instructor, Taylor James Laviolette, is available to answer questions. He an be reached directly at [email protected] .

Course curriculum

    1. Begin we begin...

    2. How to use this course

    1. Chapter 1: Introduction to Concepts

    2. Chapter 2: Challenges and Solutions

    3. Chapter 3: Changing Our Story

    4. Chapter 4: Advanced Assessment

    5. Chapter 5: Enhanced Quality of Care

    6. Chapter 6: Putting It All Together

    1. Before you go...

    2. Test your knowledge to receive your certificate!

About this course

  • $300.00
  • 10 lessons
  • 8 hours of video content


Taylor Laviolette, RMT

My name is Taylor James Laviolette. I am a practising Registered Massage Therapist in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I have been in massage therapy education since 2009, and since then I have focused my career on research and education. I have enjoyed the honour of speaking at medical conferences to educate health care providers (including doctors, surgeons, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and mental health professionals) on modern and evidence-based approaches to musculoskeletal care. Massage therapy is my focus. I strongly believe that Massage Therapists are uniquely positioned to provide the highest value of care to those living with musculoskeletal aches and pains. From a structurally minded orthopedic therapist, to the fascially oriented, or craniovisceral therapist there's room for everyone at the table. The only question I have for us is if are we ready to update our story! Won't you join us! Affectionately, - Taylor